Examples Of Errors In Language Learning

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Errors are an inseparable part of language learning. There are various causes for learners in committing errors. Correct feedback techniques adopted can prevent the learners’ error. “Teachers should realize that correction of errors is a very delicate task, and if it is not done in an appropriate way it will do more harm than good as it may cause embarrassment and frustration for the learner”(Hejazi 620). This paper is an attempt to analyze errors and the act of dealing with errors among L2 learners. It starts with the introduction of errors in language learning, types of errors, their causes and uses are also discussed. The paper is discussing about how to deal with errors, how to correct them and how to motivate the learners to avoid errors are also discussed. Here are remedies for correcting errors are also discussed. Key words Error correction, Error treatment, Proficiency, Curriculum. I.INTRODUCTION…show more content…
Appropriate teaching methods, reinforcement, motivation and teaching aids can improve language learning. Many factors are involved in the learning process. One of the most important factors is motivation, which can bring out the learners’ ability to succeed in accomplishing tasks. The learners may usually make mistakes in the process of acquiring a second language. It is the responsibility of the teachers to handle their mistakes in a wise manner. Apt feedback given at the apt moment can promote error free expression from the learner. The students should understand the errors can help to develop the language learning process. “Errors are the part of the developmental process of language learning” (Montrul 2). Learners should understand that committing errors is not a sin, but it is a part of learning. Errors are considered a part of the learning process. This happens in ones’ mother tongue

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