Ethical Issues In Helmet Law

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In this situation ethical dilemma is the conflict between moral values, job responsibilities and unpleasant experience in the past that I had to face because I preferred my duty and did not care for the courtesy.
Being a patrol officer it is my duty to make people follow all the traffic rules and seriously consider the violations even if the law breaker is a common person or some VIP personality. In this case, the conflict is that either I should ignore the mayor’s car because I have already been in trouble because of the ticket issued or I must stop the car anyway. It will be unfair to my duty if I let the car go without letting the mayor know that her vehicle is breaking the rules. So, I will at least stop the car and will inform her in a very polite way that car is over speeding. Although I should ticket the mayor for violating driving rules for the second time but since this
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Helmet makes my senses dumb and I personally feel it adversely affects my vision as well as hearing. But now as I have already received two warnings and state has passed the helmet law, I will choose to wear the helmet not only for my physical security but because of the fear of being caught by cops and patrolling police. Although I can be negligent about myself but if my child is riding the motorcycle I will do my best to convince him to wear the helmet for safety purpose. Despite knowing all the discomforts that helmet brings with it, I know it is essential for my child in case if he has an accident. If I had accidents because of not wearing the helmet, I will go for the helmet anyway as I will never want to go through that painful situation again. Riding bike without helmet is undoubtedly thrilling and more exciting but the consequences of not putting it on are grave. So, half-heartedly I will choose to put on my helmet to avoid troublesome situations that can arise if I prefer ease and comfort by riding without
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