Examples Of Ethical Dilemma In Silver Linings Playbook

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In the film Silver Linings Playbook, Pat Junior was placed into a psychiatric institution due to beating up the man his ex-wife, Nikki, was cheating on Pat Junior with. After he has been there for the required court mandated eight months, his mother discharges Pat from the psychiatric institution against medical advice. While there, it is found that Pat Junior has bi-polar disorder and dislikes taking his medication since he claims it makes his mind foggy. When he returns home, there are a series of unethical events that occur involving his new friend Tiffany and Pat Juniors parents. Tiffany deceives Pat Jr. in a multitude of ways in order to take his mind of off Nikki, whom he wants to win back. She initially asks Pat to run with her and later writes a reply to a letter Pat wrote for Nikki, under the impression it was written by Nikki. Pat is also deceived by his parents and Tiffany when they convince him to participate in a dance competition.…show more content…
is deceived by his parents and Tiffany as they ensure he does particular things under false pretences making Pat Jr. believe his actions will ensure Nikki comes back to him. They feel these actions will benefit Pat Jr. since they think Nikki is not good for him, therefore by In ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, the most prevalent ethical dilemma is that of Pat Junior’s parents and Tiffany, in whom constantly deceive Pat Junior as they feel it will ultimately benefit him.This ethical dilemma causes us to ask whether or not it is okay to deceive someone on the basis you feel it will ultimately benefit them. The ethical philosophies that provide the best perspective are those of Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham and
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