Shapira-Lishchinsky: Examples Of Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethical Dilemma The term dilemma is defined as difficult problem or choice between equally alternatives while ethic is about positive not negative values. It must be choose one of that. In the situational, ethical dilemma faced in personal and societal relationship. As Enrich notes “ethic is about how we live our lives together in public sector institutions” (5). It can be indicates that people are faced with choices requiring them to make decision in an ethical life within the context of their relationship with others. It suggests that people can be placed in ethical dilemmas. Shapira-Lishchinsky states that “An ethical dilemma is an inner conversation with self-concerning two or more available propositions. It is a choice between two or…show more content…
Anything I want, he gives me. And anything he wants, he just takes (89). Each reason abides by the things I’ve been studying –that Ethan himself has been teaching me. But I wish another way. I look up at him. He’s peering back at me with those judging eyes, as if he knows that a big part of me doesn’t want to harm Ethan-my one friend (325). As Zarvisek noted “human beings are not conceptualized as individuals interacting as individual persons, but as people living institutionalized social relationship” (30). Cause that he tries to find way to save his only friend. Five looked that situation as his responsibility which appreciated his friend dedication. This relationship is the logical foundation of solidarity of human society. Five’s dilemma about the society In joining the Mogs, Five need to prove his loyalty. The Mogs told that friend was a weakness which disturbed focus on attack. The Mogs believed on his power could help them to defend Garde. As a person wanted to join them, Five had responsibility to be loyal. “But, first, your loyalty,” he continues. This is the sort of deal that is usually inked in blood.” Blood? “What do you want me to do?” The Mog turns his head, nooding toward Ethan’s
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