Examples Of Ethical Hacking

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The cyber crime that consists one of the ethical issues is ethical hacking. Hackers can be differentiate ethical or unethical. Therefore, hackers not regularize are bad or criminal because hackers comprise of different groups based on the behaviors; there are black-hat, white-hat and grey-hat hackers.

For the black-hat hackers are the unethical hackers and illegal action like hacking into proprietary system, violate computer security of stealing personal information such as stealing the credit card numbers or for pure maliciousness using or creating that botnet to perform DoS attack consists of sending huge amount of traffic to certain websites.

From the Appendix I of the Case Study 1 is an example for black-hat hacker because the two suspects
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White-hat hackers are defined ethical hackers and legal purpose, for example; majority of the white-hat hackers are employed to test an organizations' computer systems. The action of white-hat hackers is legal because they must reports back to the organization and inform for the gained access process to allowing the organization improve the defense. This action as known as penetration testing, but for the ethical issue will be emerged the reason is white-hat can easily to become black-hat because easily for the personal gain. For example, Adam was resigned for the former hacker job because he gained the knowledge of the previous hacking job, so he able to easily hack other peoples personal information for his personal…show more content…
For example, do not reply any email message for ask the personal information because legitimate companies should not ask personal information using email message, if have any doubt could contact the company by phone or using Web Browser to typing the company Web address. Other solution is use the strong passwords to avoid hackers misuse your account also a way to help secure the information. Strong passwords consists of 8 characters long or more and consists of combination of letters, numbers and special characters(e.g. $%!?), the password better avoid for common personal information such as date of birth, last name or pet's name or dictionary words, else will lead to hacker easy to hack in.

To avoid for the hackers misuse other people 's credit card for online transaction like stock trade via Internet, online shopping. The solution is pre-victim should always review bank and credit card statement. This is because can catch it in shorter time when the credit card data is stolen then can immediately report to the bank service and credit card companies for anything of the account was out of the ordinary. Other than that, people should practice safe online shopping, such as look for trustmark like McAfee SECURE ™ to inform the site whether is
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