Examples Of Ethical Issues In Nursing Practice

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This concept is taken from module 3 of block 6 entitled “ethical Issues in Nursing Practice’’
5.1 Significance of the Concept
Business Dictionary.Com (2016) Defines ethical principles as principles that when followed, promote values such as trust, good behaviour, fairness and/or kindness. Ethical principles are very important especially in the workplace such as clinics and hospitals-when employees have no ethical principles to follow in the workplace they make decisions based on their own values. However, varying values can create discord on the work place, so, management needs ethical principles to set standards for employees. Regardless of individual value ethical principles in the workplace set common workplace values. Having this mutual understanding helps to create greater efficiency and productivity. Workplace is one of the most important places in our lives. We spend almost one-third to half of our life in workplace, that too during the primetime of our lives. keeping this fact in mind, observing important ethical principles in the workplace can make this place more beautiful, harmonious and conducive to personal as well as organization’s growth. As we spend such a vast amount of our time in the workplace, atmosphere in the workplace has a direct bearing on our health and happiness. Any chaotic and discordant workplace that does not follow any ethical principles will beat the mercy of the whim and fancy of its efficiency setting

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