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• Ethical Responsibilities Even though economical and legal responsibilities exemplify about fairness and justice, ethical responsibilities cover those activities and practices that are expected or prohibited by members of society even though they are not codified in law. Ethical responsibilities represent those norms, standards or expectations that reflect a jest of what employees, consumers and shareholders regard as just, fair or in keeping the protection or respect of stakeholders’ moral rights. They are important to perform in a manner consistent with expectations of societal and ethical norms. The firms should recognize and respect the ethical moral norms adopted by society from time to time. In order to achieve corporate goals, these…show more content…
Business contributions to financial resources or executive time, such as contributions to the educations, arts or the community, are the examples of philanthropy. The point which distinguishes the philanthropy and ethical responsibilities is that the former are only desired and not expected in an ethical and moral help. Philanthropy is more voluntary or discretionary on the part of businesses. Communities desire firms to contribute their funds, facilities and time to the social programmes or purposes, but if the firms do not provide the desired level they are not regarded as unethical. As a part of philanthropic responsibilities it is important that managers and employees participate in charitable activities in their local communities, they provide assistance to private and public educational institutions and assist voluntary to those projects which enhance the communities’ “quality of…show more content…
CSR plays an important role in world of business as it implies to do well by doing good. A large number of multinational units have set global standards, in which same technology is used throughout the world. This helps to create a strategic advantage as well as also serves to elevate the technological expectations. The CSR initiatives not only help in creating awareness and education, but it also helps in ensuring the growth of middle class people. Some of the companies make use of it by expansion of their consumer base in rural as well as urban areas. If a company undertakes CSR then it helps to build a positive image in the market and it ultimately leads in benefits earned by the company. CSR activities not only help the companies to grow, but also due to social welfare the most disadvantaged group of a society gets a fair share in the world

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