My Nursing Goals

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What does nursing mean to me? It embodies a love for helping people heal, meeting their needs while they are in your care and are unable to care for themselves, listening to concerns, protecting them from harm, and educating them how to care for themselves while treating them with dignity, compassion and respect. Good nursing is giving of yourself to the care of people and community, while expecting nothing in return. It is having compassion for people and their health, being a humanitarian, and making sure patients receive the best care possible. Dealing with families of patients with gentleness and kindness, realizing they are going through a stressful situation is also a duty of nurses. Pursuing a nursing career is taking responsibility…show more content…
My intent is to work there for a year or two, gain skills and confidence. Then I plan to continue my education to acquire my bachelor’s degree and then my master’s degree, I would also like to learn more about hospice and palliative care nursing. Eventually, I would like to develop and sharpen my skills towards hospice and palliative care. Why, you may ask? I had a touching experience with home hospice care, my father passed away in 1992 after a short fight with metastatic colon cancer, the hospice nurses were wonderful and loving, the way they not only cared for him but everyone in the family. They gently guided us through what was happening to him, what we should expect to see, changes he will go through as death gets closer and helped us begin the grieving process, they even followed up with us a week or so after he passed to make sure we were getting through that first week and to see if we wanted or needed grief counseling. Going through this experience opened my heart for this type of care, even though it was a sad time in my life it is something I will always remember. Realizing not everyone can excel in this type of nursing, caring for the dying is emotionally tough, but I believe it is something I have a heart for, I can

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