Examples Of Ethos In Julius Caesar

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The murdering conspirators who violently slayed the beloved Julius Caesar are being cheered on by all of Rome, all through the clever use of rhetoric. The only logical choice Antony has before him is to fight fire with fire, and convince the crowd that he’s right, and not Brutus or his followers. Antony goes up to speak the truth about his feelings for Julius Caesar, and persuade the crowd to follow him to rise against the conspirators, without being direct. So he stands in front of the crowd and begins to earn the crowd’s trust, with ethos, demonstrate his intelligence, with logos, and pull the crowd to his side, with pathos. Without credibility, a speaker can’t truly be convincing. The listeners need to be able to trust the speaker and the image they create for his or her self in order to be deemed worthy. The best persuasive speakers start off with ethos, and then continue on with it …show more content…

They’re best used after a crowd already believes the speaker is trustworthy and intelligent. Antony demonstrates the use of pathos many times throughout his speech. At the end of the first part of his speech, he tells the crowd, “Bear with me, My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, And I must pause till it come back to me.” This pause shows the audience how much Antony cares about Julius Caesar, and also give them a chance to think about everything he said up until that point. He sets a clear tone by including his “heart” as a positive connotation. As he started to speak again, he attempted to anger the crowd, and point their anger towards the conspirators. He indirectly suggests that they should think of mutiny of rage, and intrigues the crowd by speaking of his will. Upon hearing how much love Caesar had for them, their feelings all turned to hatred for the conspirators. With this, Antony had succeeded in swaying his audience to his

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