Examples Of Eurocentric Bias In Sociology

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Eurocentric Bias in Sociological Theories
University of the People
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1503)
Term 3, 2018

There is much criticism that modernization theory is Eurocentric. Do you think dependency theory and globalization theory are also biased? Why or why not? Compare and contrast modernization theory, dependency theory, and globalization theory. Which do you think is more useful for explaining global inequality? Explain, using examples.

Three of the major modern sociological theories that examine global economic inequality are Modernization, Dependency and Globalization Theories.

Modernization Theory is based on the idea that “low-income countries are affected by their lack of industrialization and can improve
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All three seems to overlap their assumptions of the situation, but each offers a different potential remedy for global inequality. All three acknowledge that the governmental and business leaders of the developed countries are in a position of power over developing countries. All three acknowledge that the developed countries hold not only the capital needed to establish economic equality, but also hold the decision making power. All three seem to acknowledge that the developing countries are at the mercy and whim of the decision-makers for the developed countries. All three assume that the western economic capitalist system is the one that needs to be implemented throughout the…show more content…
This assumption is ignored by all three theories. Perhaps a country and its inhabitants would prefer to “opt out” of modern civilization in favor of their own economic system or culture. Some cultures may actually want to live in a culture that is nothing like the countries that are currently the global leaders in their self described high standard of living. I think of cultures such as the Romani or American Amish or fundamentalist Islamists or Mongolian Nomads or Brazilian Moxihatetemi, who may all choose to prefer retaining their distinctive culture and values rather than be forced to participate in a unified global economy based on consumption, labor and debt. All three theories do not take into account that the worlds cultures may want to remain distinct and separate from a unified global economy. Perhaps they prefer to keep a culture which is economically “poor” compared to the Finland standard of living. The three theories is based upon the idea that all need to be assimilated into the global economy regardless of their unique cultural values and

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