Examples Of Evil In Dracula

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The novel, Dracula, recounts a "holy war" of good versus evil. There are characters in Dracula that are either good or evil. Who is good? Who is evil? As soon as the novel is opened, readers realize that there is probably a central person who is evil and a group of people that want to destroy Dracula in some way who are good. The characters demonstrate their side accurately, but the good versus the evil is what gets the best out of all of them. Bram Stoker effectively describes which characters are truly evil or truly good that brings forth "holy war" instances throughout the many heart pounding and gruesome events that happen in the novel. In Dracula from the beginning chapters, Bram Stoker adequately describes Dracula as evil. Dracula is…show more content…
One character that is good is Dr. John Seward. He is a very knowledgeable doctor who works at an asylum in which he watches a patient named Renfield to help further studies and to help patients that have psychiatric problems. Van Helsing was called to help cure Lucy and wanted to help Dr. Seward as best as he could. Van Helsing comes to the conclusion that these medical instances aren't coming from a virus or bacteria, they are coming from a very powerful, evil force. He knows he needs to stop this force to protect everyone. Jonathan Harker had to face the evil man himself and is willing to fight this evil, supernatural being too to keep everyone safe. His future wife, Mina, does become a part of the evil Dracula when they suck each other's blood and when hypnotized she can act out what Dracula is doing. She helps in the final searches for Dracula when they all want to go out to destroy him. Lucy falls under the mysterious and evil spirit of Dracula, but her future husband Arthur Holmwood tries to help Lucy get better when she was sick by giving his blood for a transfusion and does whatever he can to help his future wife. Quincey Morris is a good man throughout the novel during the many instances and sacrifices his life in order to possibly rid the foul impacts Dracula has made on everyone. As the theme of good versus evil portrays throughout the whole novel, Stoker displays a "holy war" between the two themes that are presented among the different characters throughout the novel. The good and evil verse each other and try to fight each other off. In some instances the evil did out weigh the good due to Dracula taking over and becoming a part of some of characters like Renfield, Lucy, Mina. At the end of the "holy war", the good out weighs the evil by destroying the evil and abnormal force of the supernatural
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