Examples Of Evil In Julius Caesar

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Hannah Billingsley Mrs.Greenhill World Literature 14 November, 2017 Julius Caesar Essay Does every person have the potential of innate human evil? In Julius Caesar so many people went from good to bad. Some even went from bad to good. Some may say they’ve never done anything bad and have always been a good person, but do you know anybody that 's never been mean or done something not good for themselves or another person? Do you believe every person has at least a small piece of evil in them? Julius Caesar shows many people that have good and bad qualities. Cassius, Brutus, and his brother in-law Brutus were all part of Caesar 's assassination. They thought that Rome was no good anymore because before Caesar came along it was a republic.Then Caesar came along and it became some sort of dictatorship. Brutus and the men who helped kill Caesar did not agree. They got so mad they joined together at the senate and stabbed Caesar twenty-three times. After his death they all felt so bad they killed themselves. The reason of talking about how he died and after he died was because Brutus and Cassius had lots of evil in them. The argument, does every human have any evil in them, can be seen in many ways. One way would be saying yes, many people do…show more content…
Although some may say evil is in every human. Others may not say every human has evil in them.The quote “The evil that men do lives after them;The good is oft interred with their bones.”(William Shakespeare), explains that the good within them was there when they were born. Humans are not born with evil. If evil is developed in a human, it 's most likely because of the way they were raised or maybe just the way they think. Many people have had bad things happen to them, that makes the world instill evil in them. These people that think in this way are not wrong and neither are the people that think evil is within a human at birth. There is no way to determine if a person is born with evil or develops evil as
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