Examples Of Exaggeration In Communication

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• Exaggeration (Chapter 1, Page 21): This term means to represent a statement as better as or worse than it really it. People mainly exaggerate the difference between things rather than the similarities. I believe that exaggeration is important because we need to be aware of when we do this in our communication with people because it could cause harm. The outcome sometimes may be laughs, but it could result in hurt feelings. Knowing what exaggeration and when not to do it will build relationships. If we are always exaggerating about stuff we will never know the truth. An example in my life of when I exaggerated is when I first started going to my churches youth events. When I came home I told my mom that all of the people were mean because they didn’t talk to me. My mom told me stop exaggerating because all of the kids can’t possibly be mean and then she asked me did I try talking to them. I said no and she told me that was probably why. She told me…show more content…
By doing this it will cause the receiver to question what you are saying because of our action. I believe contradiction to be important because it can cause communication in relationships to be shaky. Contradiction will cause confusion and nobody will know what you really mean and so it is important that we learn about this so there is no confusion. In my life I have a hard time with this. My mom and I always argue about the stupidest things. It started with how I started talking. When my mom asks me a question I say the right words, but I sound and looked disgusted when I say it. This causes my mom to think I am having an attitude so then I get in trouble. I tell my mom that I wasn’t and then she tells me I look it even though I said something else. I have learned that I need to work on this especially that non-verbal messages have been claimed to have more power than verbal
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