Examples Of Existentialism In The Stranger

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In a broad meaning existentialism is an understanding that there is no higher world which is found in many religions, systems of belief or mythology; it completely rejects the existence of God and says that all the decisions about human’s life is decided only by that human himself not by God. It is unacceptable to live our lives by accepting the idea that our fate is predestined before we come to life. All the actions and their consequences must be undertaken by human because there is no a higher authority to decide behalf that individual. This movement of existentialism can be detected and analyzed in the movie of The Stranger by using some certain topics such as meaning of existence, absurdity of human condition and freedom of choice.
In contrast to the belief that many people adopt as a principle, the presence of human kind in the universe has no meaning or purpose. As a requirement of existentialism, ignoring the God and religious beliefs lead to a confusion and chaos among human beings. Marvin Perry summarizes Jung’s idea about this issue: “Modern man and women suffer from a sense of religious emptiness. Science has caused them to doubt inherited religious beliefs, but it provides no answer to the questions of life’s meaning.” and continues “…to overcome the feeling of being adrift in a meaningless existence, Jung urged an inner experience, a journey into the interior realms of the unconscious” (321). People always seek for a superior force to deal with the conceptions

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