Pros And Cons Of Exploratory Testing

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EXPLORATORY TESTING IN AGILE ENVIRONMENT Exploratory Testing As the name suggests, exploratory testing is about exploring the software/product, what it is meant for, what works and what doesn’t. It is a powerful technique and at times be more helpful than traditional testing techniques. In this kind of testing technique, the tester understands the various features of the software/product and does focused testing of all features one by one. A Test Charter will be prepared for each of them and all the results/observations would be recorded. There are no pre-defined test cases in this technique and test case design and execution is done on the fly. An Example of Exploratory testing: Testing of a Key board generally comprises of testing every…show more content…
This kind of testing exposes more realistic issues one might encounter as a user. Pros and Cons of Exploratory testing in Agile projects • Pros o Requires lesser preparation time o Documentation is less o Results in more realistic bugs being caught o Inspires creativity in testing o Critical issues could be found quickly o Previous test results can be used as a guide by the testers for their future Exploratory scenarios • Cons o Test cases cannot be reviewed o Difficult to track the test execution status o Difficult to duplicate the same steps in future as they will not be documented o Depends too much on the domain knowledge and testing skills of the tester o Redundancy is introduced when executed in parallel with traditional testing…show more content…
It is fun performing exploratory testing. At the same time there is lot of scope for creativity and can really test a tester’s domain knowledge and analytical abilities. It really helps the tester to think out of the box, which one will not be accustomed to, when performing scripted testing. But exploratory testing cannot completely replace the scripted testing. This is best suited for projects where there are no proper requirements or there are frequent changes to the requirements and time availability is limited. Due to these reasons, this can be a powerful testing technique in Agile

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