Examples Of External Conflict In The Eclipse

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Eclipse Conflicts Total eclipses are wonders of nature, occurring rarely when the moon obscures the sun and casts a shadow on the Earth called an umbra. However, if the moon did not return to its normal position, there would be disastrous consequences. This is what happened in the short story “The Eclipse”, where a total solar eclipse has lasted for two months. No longer can they see the sun, nor can normal life carry on. The prolonged eclipse causes conflict within the main character Josie, but also causes external conflict between Josie and the eclipse. Thus, “The Eclipse” effectively depicts internal and external conflict by describing the events caused by the prolonged eclipse, and also by showing Josie’s thoughts and actions. Internal…show more content…
In “The Eclipse”, the main causation of conflict is the unending total solar eclipse, a force of nature. The sun has a mammoth effect on our life, therefore, the prolonged eclipse changed everyday life from the food options to the weather, this causes conflicts between the actions of characters before the eclipse and after it. For example, when Josie discusses the event with a classmate, Travis, she is shown “zipping up my unreasonably thick jacket” (2), because the lack of sunlight causes a decrease in temperature, when normally it would be Spring and warm. This shows conflict between Josie and nature, also known as external conflict, because Josie’s actions show how she must change due to the eclipse. Another example of external conflict is the actions of Josie’s classmates, how they used to go to a burger restaurant, but now the food chain has collapsed because of the eclipse and meat is very expensive (2). This restaurant and many other shops have closed, creating a disconnect in how people previously acted and causing conflict. Thus, through Josie’s and other’s actions changing because of the eclipse show external conflict because they demonstrate the clash between their actions before and after the mysterious
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