Examples Of Extrajudicial Killings

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Imagine your classmate were making noises but your teacher calls your attention instead of your classmate. Isn’t that unfair? Of course, it is and extrajudicial killings are somehow of the same nature. By definition, extrajudicial killings are killings in which the authorities of the government kill alleged criminals or basically anyone without undergoing any due process at all. However, we misinterpret what exactly extrajudicial killings are in the Philippines because there is no formal meaning to it in our Constitution. Crimes such as homicide and murder could also be considered as extrajudicial killings since any killing beyond death penalty is believed to be extrajudicial in accordance with our law. Remember the Maguindanao Massacre? That is an example of an extrajudicial killing. Personally, I am completely against extrajudicial killings. Like the others, I find it unethical. Nowadays, when we watch TV Patrol or 24 Oras most of the headlines are about extrajudicial killings of alleged rapists and drug pushers. Apart from being thrown in the streets wrapped in cardboards with phrases such as “Rapist ako.” and “Drug pusher ako.”, they were not given any due process. Just by merely using our common sense, it is clear that it is a violation of our human rights. When did killing and humiliating “criminals” or people in general become ethical or a non-violation of law and human rights? The authorities could have overlooked the situation. Gossips or could also
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