Examples Of Extrinsic Motivation In Sports

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Are athletes more intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated?

Motivation is an important factor when it comes to sports. The types of motivation in sports are intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation and amotivation.
Intrinsic Motivation is when people participate in activities just for the pleasure and satisfaction they get out of it (Ryan & Deci, 2000). On the contrary extrinsic motivation is when an action is performed in order to receive an external reward (Pelletier et al., 1995). The last subscale is Amotivation and it is where the person is neither intrinsically nor extrinsically motivated to perform and they cannot find a good reason to continue that current behaviour (Pelletier et al., 1995).
The Sports Motivation Scale
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Extrinsic motivation – introjected 20.66666667 3.214550254
Extrinsic motivation - external regulation 15.33333333 1.154700538
Amotivation 10 3

Table 2
Mean and Standard Deviation of the subscales of the class Subscales Mean SD
Intrinsic motivation - to know 19.246 4.7894
Intrinsic motivation - to accomplish 20.772 4.0665
Intrinsic motivation - to experience stimulation 20.807 4.1766
Extrinsic motivation – identified 19.263 4.7379
Extrinsic motivation – introjected 17.965 5.4575
Extrinsic motivation - external regulation 13.754 5.3462
Amotivation 12.018
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