Examples Of Failure In Frankenstein

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Repetition of Failure
Offspring and their guardians possess unique and influential relationships that can either benefit or harm the individual. In the novel Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, there are instances in which poor parenting causes for dilemmas to arise deeper into the novel. As a parent, it is expected to meet the responsibility of properly raising the child, and preparing it to accustom to society. The values and guidelines one’s guardians set early on influence the parental styles of that individual in the future. This notion is portrayed often in the novel through Victor Frankenstein's boyhood, and later on his treatment of his creation, identified as the “monster,” for the duration of its youth. In addition to the impact of parental standards and failures, the importance of a loving family in one’s life is made apparent in the novel. Together, the two themes shape the characters’
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Victor’s childhood, as well as the situation in which he unnaturally creates and raises a monster, presents the effects of destructive parenting on a growing individual and the demand of a loving family in a successful life.
Given the affluent family he lived in,
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From the inferior parenting of the Frankenstein parents, the next two generations dealt with the aftermath. Cases of bad parenting can be found worldwide, from school shootings, to drug overdoses, to cases of bullying, the mistakes children can make are endless. Can the parents be the ones to receive the blame for the children doing wrong? Undoubtedly, the lessons, and morals taught from parents to children play a massive role in the development of the child. In the case of the novel, the two troubled main characters explicitly represent examples of the effects of poor parenting, and how once the first failed parenthood begins, the process repeats itself in future
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