Examples Of Failure In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Failure is described as the lack of ability to perform a duty or expected action. In this context, the ‘duty’ or ‘expected action’ Atticus refers to is being a good parent and guardian to his two children, Scout and Jem. Although Atticus does, in some ways, harm his children, I feel that he does a good job of bringing up and educating them. Hence, I disagree that he is a 'total failure as a parent '.

The most significant mistake Atticus has made as a parent would probably be taking up the Tom Robinson case. Tom Robinson was a black man who had been accused of raping a white girl, Maya Ewell. Despite knowing he had no chance of winning the case, Atticus felt compelled to defend Tom because he believed that it is morally right. In fact, many would probably agree that he was right to uphold justice and speak for Tom. However, he also knew that his entire family, especially Scout and Jem, would be subjected to much criticism, insults, slander and so on. Yet, he still refused to abandon the case. In doing so, he exposed them to much harm. They were forced to put up with emotional abuse from other citizens from Maycomb, schoolmates, and even other family members. For example, Mrs Dubose constantly insulted their family and called Atticus a 'nigger-lover ', as well as Cecil Jacobs, who teased Scout about her father and even told her "My folks said your daddy was a disgrace an ' that nigger oughta hang from the water-tank". Although many of these insults and criticisms were
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