Examples Of Faith In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Can you imagine being stripped of all your faith? In the memoir, Night, by Elie Wiesel, Elie and all the Jews faced many spiritual crises that tested their faith in God, humanity and himself. Elie had lost all faith because of the way they were treated by the Nazis. The Nazis punished the Jews for practicing their religion. Any sort of faith the Jews had were lost after the way the Nazis treated them and the terrifying events they faced. Everyone lost their faith in humanity when the Nazis forced the Jews to degrade their house of worship. When they were getting deported, they were held in the synagogues, their holy place and were not allowed to leave the building. "While they are waiting to be deported, they are forced to relieve themselves on the floor of their own holy place, the synagogue." The Jews were forced to sit there and could not leave under any circumstances. So when they had to use the restroom they were forced to do it on the floor. As they got packed into the cattle cars they were faced with torturous conditions.…show more content…
When Elie 's father got very ill the soldiers stopped giving him food so Elie shared half of his food with his father. The food was barely enough for one person and now he had to share with his father. As the days went on his father got worst and Elie knew his father would die soon. Elie know in the camp it was every man for themselves and the thought of sharing his food and its all being wasted keeps coming into his head. One of the other Jews advised him he should stop giving his father food and should keep it for him to stay strong and survive. After a few days, his father had died, and in his head, he felt it was his fault. He felt like he was not human anymore for even thinking about not giving his father the food. He felt like he had become a monster. He had lost all faith in himself and didn’t know how he was going to survive without his
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