Examples Of Fallacy In I Am Malala

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In the book I am Malala By: Malala Yousafzai-Christina Lamb the Taliban uses the logical fallacy slippery slope to support their claims; this fallacy could raise or destroy their battle for power in Pakistan. (PS) The first example of the Taliban’s use of slippery slope is after the earthquake that wrecked Swat Valley when Fazlullah blamed the natural disaster on the actions of the Muslim population. Fazlullah argued “Sinful acts like these had caused the earthquake… and if people didn’t stop they would again invite the wrath of God.” One reason why this is false is because the people of Pakistan were not in any way being sinful towards the original laws of Islam. Another reason is that our sins on earth can’t influence the tectonic plates…show more content…
(PS)The second example of slippery slope in I am Malala is when the Taliban bans girls and women from going to school or teaching because “they are scared of the pen”. The Taliban believes the women and girls could become a leader who is threatening to their position, which is illogical because women and girls will not necessarily challenge their power. Although it is a good hypothesis, they may just be looking for an education so they may apply for a job as a doctor or other highly educated roles other than a politician. This ban discourages many girls and women from returning to their school and work, which as a result decreases their ability to protest the Taliban using logic rather than brute force. (PS)Slippery slope is also used when Fazlullah claims not following the Taliban's laws is the same as disobeying the Quran and Allah. Fazlullah also calls himself an “Islamic reformer and an interpreter of the Quran.” Even during the punishments handed out by the Taliban they claimed they were doing it in God’s honor, like when “hundreds of people gathered for the floggings, shouting “Allahu akbar”-”God is great!” with each lash.” The laws of the Taliban and the Quran are very different and saying they are one and the same is extremely
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