Examples Of False Confessions

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Criminal Justice is a system of law enforcement agencies that work collectively to control crime and give the suspect the punishment for committing the crime. Juveniles which are young teenagers, tend to commit more crimes because they often have bad influences from other people or they usually have gone through a bad time period in their life. According to Marylandgov, arrests in Maryland have decreased by 6% in 2013, 2012 and there were 245,505 arrests reported in 2013 compared to 260,783 in 2012.
False Confession is when a person gets charged and punished for a crime he or she did not commit. The reason people confess to the police for several different reasons because they are scared of the death penalty and they believe that the police
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This was the highest record because the number of arrest was combined in like New York City, and Los Angeles. An example of false confession is shown in a episode of “Flash Point” on Netflix and the how basically tells us that there are young African American who gets charged for a murder of his girlfriend and he serves time in jail but at the end they figure out that he did not commit the crime . The guy wants justice; he wants to talk to his but his attorney who is shown as a Latino guy he tends not to show interest about his case. According to Innocence Project, about 75% of the DNA tells us that the cases that are involved an eye witness usually is the victim tend to be someone else, and 42% of the cases are racial. The percentage shows that most of the time the suspect is someone else who commits the crime or it is a racial crime. There is a huge difference between the justice system now comparing it to back in the day. Now the law enforcement and the justice system have more resources to make sure that every evidence they have is accurate. According to NBC News, 93 percent are men, and 7% are women; about 50% are African American 38% are white , 2% are Asian and 11% are Hispanic. This tells us that more black man might be in danger of getting charged with false confession compare to any other
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