Examples Of False Love In The Great Gatsby

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Corbin kollar Kollar 1 Mrs. Sackett English 11 1/22/18 Among The Ashes It’s the roaring 20’s the stock market is soaring to record highs. A ban on alcohol makes it more desired than ever. And a man is in search of the love of his life. The Great Gatsby is an great piece of American literature by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In The Great Gatsby author Fitzgerald focuses on issues of the American dream, love and wealth are discussed. Which tend to draw the attention of the readers. Especially interesting is the question of whether Gatsby is even deserving of being called great or if the title ironical. It is argued that Jay Gatsby is a person of false love. But ultimately Gatsby is the most hopeful man in the world. His heart is bigger than his ego. His uncanny knowledge to act rich make him a great man It might be argued that Gatsby’s feelings for Daisy are idealistic; with a strong determination he tries hard to be close to Daisy. He moves to a house just across the lake, throws huge parties with the hope she will be at one, also makes plans with her 5 years since seeing each other. Finally, he takes the blame after she killed Myrtle in the car accident. “Was Daisy driving?” ‘Yes,’ he said after a moment, ‘but of course I’ll say I was.” (Fitzgerald 154). Gatsby paints a picture of Daisy in his mind of what she’d be like. Since Gatsby imagines himself as an
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