Examples Of False Memory

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From the various examples of false memory case, we learned that human having false memories because they have different ways to recall past lives. They like to say something that is not true. They imagine the incident happened but yet they never experienced the situation. Memory helps us to recall the information and our past events. Memory is the processes involved in retaining, retrieving and using information about images, events, and skill after the original information is no longer present. People believe that memory can retrieve the information and they can give the response to the information. We have two parts of memory which are the long-term memory and short-term memory. Long-term memory can keep information in a long time and the capacity for this memory is unlimited. its storage stretches from a few moments ago to as far back as one can remember. Long-term memory divided into two types which are implicit and explicit. Implicit is an unconscious memory and explicit is the conscious recollection of events. Short-term memory is stored small amount of information for a brief duration.…show more content…
The example of minor ways is believing one last saw the keys in the kitchen when they were in the living room while the example of the major way is mistakenly believing one is the originator of an idea or that one was sexually abused during their childhood. It was found that false memories that occur in major ways affect the persons and others. An example of this memory distortion is from the 1930s from Bartlett’s reports of studies which he told a folk tale to a people which the tale has unfamiliar culture from the people that he told and asked him to recall. And the result showed that he remembered the storyline in the way of his familiar culture. This showed that people tend to falsely claim that stories included the information that was only inferred from the prior schemas and
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