Examples Of Family Abuse In Julius Caesar

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How does one ignore their family? When Chris McCandless from Into the Wild, Ismene from Antigone, and Brutus from Julius Caesar hurt the people that love them, that they love back, how can they sacrifice family over what they believe to be the right choice for themselves? Into the Wild is a true story about a boy who left his family to go on an Alaskan adventure. Antigone is a story about a girl who wants to break the law in order to bury her brother. Julius Caesar is a story in which a group of conspirators want to overthrow the ruler of Rome. In all three of these stories, the main character makes a decision based on what they think is the best choice. All of these characters do not want to their family involved, and they end up hurting their family in the end. Through the evolution of…show more content…
This is specifically shown throughout the life of Brutus and his wife, Portia. Brutus was part of the group of conspirators who had a plan to kill Caesar. He did not want Portia to know what he was doing, and so he was sneaky. Portia was starting to become curious about Brutus and his whereabouts. He kept lying to her and she soon believed that he had a secret. This intrigued her and she wanted to know what was going on stating, “If this were true, then should I know this secret,”(Act 2 Scene 1). Brutus never told her the truth and kept sneaking around because he was trying to protect her from their plan. He did not want her to become involved and get hurt, or even killed because of him. Unfortunately, it was too much for Portia. She could not take Brutus constantly sneaking around and not knowing his secret. In result, she ended up killing herself because of his actions. Just like Chris and Ismene from the other two stories, Brutus does what he believes is the best for his family, and instead, all of the neglect he was giving to Portia made her kill herself, hurting him in the

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