Personal Narrative: My Family Relationship During My Childhood

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This family history paper will focus on these two key areas: family structure and family relationship during my childhood and adolescent years with emphasis on relevant roles, cohesion, and conflict while growing up.
Family Structure I was born as a C-section baby with a bow-shaped lips and strong eyebrows. My parents were extremely joyous with a birth of their daughter. In Hindu cultures, a birth of a daughter symbolizes the “goddess Laxmi,” who is a goddess of wealth and prosperity (Narayan & Purkayastha (2009, p.199).
Family Structure during my Childhood Years
My family structure during my childhood years comprised of both a joint and a nuclear family. As portrayed in the attached genogram, both my paternal and maternal grandparents are from South-East Asia and are of Nepalese descent. My paternal side of grandparents had six children, and my father was the
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From time-to-time, my parents reminded me about our family values, while at the same time; they wanted me to experience new cultures in Canada, my new home.

Family Structure: Socio-economic structure during my Childhood and Adolescent Years
I was raised in an upper-middle class family in a fairly urbanized city of Putali Sadak in Kathmandu valley and within a suburb city of Greater Vancouver, BC. During my childhood days, we lived in a close-knit community, where I remember playing hide and seek and hopscotch with neighbor’s children.
During my adolescent years, with our move to Canada, there was bit of a struggle to adjust to new lifestyles and for my parents to resume to their professional career. Nonetheless, I relished the free secondary education system and universal health care system In Canada. I was 17, when I had my first job at McDonalds, and that taught work experience taught me the value of saving money.
Family Relationship during Childhood and Adolescent

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