Examples Of Fear In George Orwell's '1984'

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As the book 1984 describes it, a society based on hate is a society based on power and fear. If one has the power, he or she can institute fear through forced cruelty and suffering. In 1984, the Party was able to use its power to take away happiness, love, and friendship and leave behind, fear, hatred, and cruelty. However, in a realistic world this type of society can never be able to exist for a decent amount of time. The society would either end up destroying itself, or being destroyed by others. During the time of his torture, Winston argues against O’Brien and says that the society O’Brian described would have no vitality, would disintegrate, and would commit suicide. (Orwell) The definition of vitality is “exuberant physical strength…show more content…
(Orwell) However, throughout the entire book, the war against Eastasia or Eurasia raged. This shows that someone will always be against the Party, or the society based on complete power. In World War II, Germany was a country based on hatred towards others – Jews, homosexuals, the disabled, and gypsies. Just like in the book 1984, the people of the country were manipulated. All propaganda was for the totalitarianism of Hitler and kids were taught at a young age to only believe what the leader of the country believed in. Germany began to develop too much power, which the Allied Powers were against. Eventually, the Allies destroyed the Germany and its Axis Powers – countries that were based on complete totalitarianism. The only dictatorial country that was on the side of the Allied Powers was the Soviet Union. Although the Soviet Union, which was also based on a totalitarian system, fought with the United States was part of the Allied Powers at first, the United States strived to end their communist system during the Cold War. These are examples of countries based on hate being destroyed by others. As shown by this real life case, societies made of friendship and love are able to distinguish right from wrong, unlike societies made of cruelty and
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