Examples Of Fear In The Crucible

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Fear and failure In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible In the story there were women in the forest dancing in nudity and which was a sign of witchery. In the crucible the author quotes blames elizabeth a of witchery. One time my and my brother were fight and we had to talk about what we were fighting about the our parents and this relates to the judge in the court finding out who is innocent and who is not. A lot of people are fear failure. Not to many Can handle failure and they will do anything to not fail. I the story people are accusing everyone because everyone is scared. One man was crushed to death to have him say he was a witch so that they can get his land either way if it was a yes or no they still would of got his land. He died protecting his land and so his sons took over his land. People want to …show more content…

John proctor admits of adultery only to save abigail and john had already confess he had an affair with abigail lies to the court about why she fired already in the first place in turn in discredit towards what john said. Abigail and the other girls in the courtroom pretended to see a yellow bird sent by mary to harm them. To save herself Mary says that John proctor was working for the devil. Revein hslr tries to confess that he is with the devil even though they are innocent so that they won't have to be hanged. In the courtroom they kept going back and forth about john being with the devil they are innocent and abigail will not face her charges.In the crucible some of them face their charges and some of them were innocent and sent to death. When i go in trouble and i tell the truth my punishment was not that bad and when my brother would not confess they got a bigger punishment when we were little. In the crucible there were women in the forest dancing in nudity and which was a sign of witchery. I found that we should not blame one another that's what causes bigger

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