Examples Of Feminism And Misandry

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, Misandry, Sexism and Patriarchy The word ‘feminist ‘ to me means a person, not generally a woman, who fights for women and their rights, it means that a person wants equality for men and women so that the world can be in balance.
Feminism started out as a movement which helped women gain rights. It was a social, political movement and it helped women gain the right to work, then it helped lessen the pay gap at work, it helped women get maternity leave from work.
Feminism helped women gain rights to work as judges, it inspired popular figures to speak about it, it helped women fight against the crimes and abuse etc.
It was empowering and liberating when it made women realize that only they could control their lives, what they chose to work
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Feminism started as a movement which was meant to empower women in all aspects and help them win rights so that they could enjoy the privileges men have had. However As mostly seen, the things noticed by people are The things which invoke a negative or a positive response/reaction, because to be worth remembering a thing has to trigger an emotion within us, sometimes those emotions are positive/happy and sometimes they are negative/sad. Feminism got noticed by people (mostly men) by the actions and statements of a few women who were misandrists but also called themselves feminists which lead to feminists being…show more content…
Such type of women who use misandry as a tool for feminism, go against the very idea of what feminism stood for and stands for i.e., achieving egalitarianism by letting women work alongside men and by empowering women so that they could be equal to men in every aspect. Some sections of feminists seem to think that the world would be a better place if matriarchy replaces patriarchy, and if they could be dominant instead of men.
It’s the extremist thinking which has made feminism look like a conspiracy or a man hating cult which wants to replace patriarchy with matriarchy instead of striving for equality between men and women.
The problem arises when some women start hating men as a whole, and want to be the dominant sex or when women are ridiculed by women for their choice of relationships like marriage and when they criticize women for wanting to stay at home instead of working.
Furthermore, when feminists choose to blame all men instead of the few, just because they have been oppressed or offended by some, they are being sexist as sexism means, discrimination based on sex or gender, or the belief that men are superior to women and thus discrimination is
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