Examples Of Feminism In Antigone

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The term feminism is the idea or belief that all people are entitled to the same civil rights and liberties regardless of gender (Merriam-Webster, 2017). Antigone by Sophocles portrays excellent examples of how Antigone is more of a feminist figure rather than a feminist play. Antigone appeared to be a strong feminine role who was not going to follow in the footsteps of women before her. The culture of ancient Greece was a male dominated one. A culture where men associated themselves with one another and women were viewed as having very little to contribute to a man’s purpose. The play showed that Antigone had a deep concern and love for her family members. The central conflict of the play was her burying her brother’s corpse even though…show more content…
Nevertheless, it shows a woman standing up to a powerful man in a time where that was not heard of which makes Antigone herself a feminist figure. At the very beginning of the play, it was shown the difference in personalities and viewpoints in Antigone and her sister, Ismene. After Antigone told her sister what she was going to do and asked for her help, Ismene replied like every other woman would in that era. “I shall do no dishonor. But to act against the citizens. I cannot.” (Sophocles, 4). Further into the play after Creon had found out Antigone did the burial, Antigone did not hesitate to confess that it was she that did it and replied with, “I knew that I must die; how could I not? Even without your warning. If I die before my time, I say it is a gain”. (Sophocles, 16). This showed how strongly she felt she had the right to bury her brother and she did not care what the repercussions would be; even death. A great example that portrays how women were belittled during this time is when Creon is talking to his son Haemon. Haemon was trying to stop the death of these woman and Creon replied with “Don’t flatter me with “father, you woman’s slave”. (Sophocles, 27). That showed how little women meant to the king of Thebes. Creon was disgusted in his own son for trying to stop an women’s

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