Examples Of Feminism In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre is a book written by Charlotte Bronte. There are so many different theories one can analyze in this book that it would take too much time to analyze each possible theory. Therefore, the theory that I have found to be the most interesting towards me is feminism. So I will analyze feminism in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Feminism is a prominent as well as being a major controversial topic for writing in the past two centuries at least. In Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre the main character is Jane Eyre. She tries to explore the various depths at which women may act in a society, such as the English society, and finds her own boundaries in Victorian England. The notions of feminism are often being followed by the subjects of class…show more content…
The famous opening scene of violence in which the novel begins, is with John Reed’s attack on Jane, and Jane’s counter-attack, associated with the moment of rebellion as well the autonomy with the dispute and confinement in the red-room. Jane displays and puts up a courageous defiance to Mr. Brocklehurst, as being the answer to his question about where “evil” children are being sent off after their death. The scene, especially if we were to put it into context with the later part of the novel, emphasizes her power of will to stand up to a man, based on her beliefs. The violence in turn, has led her life to Lowood which provide her with a supportive environment to express herself and her beliefs. In the figures of Ms. Temple as well as to Helen Burns, Jane finds the relief she is looking for and the ability of discovering herself. Miss Temple is a breath of fresh air, whose feminist attitude influences the way Jane thinks, as well as to encourage her spirit of being independent. The time Jane has spent at Lowood also works as being the platform she desperately needs, for her development of individualism, and her appraisal and construction of what will become her new

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