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It is reasonable to begin this part by giving a few definitions of feminist film criticism. To define feminist film criticism, one must go beyond the realm of film and women’s studies into the field of literature and feminist theory. Understandably, feminist criticism is influenced by feminist theory and by the politics of feminism in general. It can be understood in terms of the use of feminist ideologies and principles to give critique to a language, its mechanisms and structure. This broadly applies to different forms of art and fields of study, such as literature, theater, and film. In its essence and deriving its strategies and methodologies from feminist literary criticism and film criticism, feminist film criticism seeks to analyze, critique, and evaluate the ways in which film, and specifically classical Hollywood, reinforces a male domination by exploring political, social, psychological, and economic forces. According to Patricia Erens (year) feminist film criticism arises in conjunction with feminist film theory as a natural development, and concerns itself not only with stereotypical representation of gender, but also with the differences between race, class, ethnicity, and between women themselves (p.). Furthermore, what Mulvey (year) writes in Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema falls into the broad claims of feminist film criticism: “film reflects, reveals, and even plays on the straight, socially established interpretation of sexual difference which

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