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To maintain a successful business, most companies must collect data, run and generate reports to show the metrics of their business. Metrics can display numerous things from employee output, expenses, sales, revenues, customer traffic and several more options are available. This information, when collected can guide the responsible parties to make decisions necessary to maintain a profitable business. Or for example, measuring output of employees could assist with aiding in the assessments to cut staff, increase staff, promote staff or terminate low performers. These are just some basic examples of how metrics can help in the business world.
A specific example to discuss is movie genres and the total gross of movies by genre. For reference
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The genre that reported with the greatest variability in total gross income was Action again, this highly probable because of the fact this category had the highest movies released, along with comedy. But being that Action brought in more income than comedy, action had a greater possibility of the variation, as action brought in the highest total gross revenue. However, Adventure had a pretty strong average, once the mean was calculated it reported that this genre averaged one hundred million, this genre only had eleven movie releases, imagine if there was more, Adventure would be a top contender. Upon looking at some of the movie titles in this genre, one can see why it did well with the eleven movies, titles such as The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, Interstellar and a couple more popular titles. Creating box plot and whisker data for the length of the movies by genre showed that Action had the longest movies released. Action movies are generally packed with lots of fighting, explosions, and numerous other effects, these are all factors that draw to the audience’s attention. Additionally, due to the enhancement of technology this has increased the level of visual experience for the audience. This technology as made vast improvements on allowing the cost of action movies to decrease, as they can now use this…show more content…
However, most of the categories of movies are at least over one-hour long. But not in the Documentary case, the shortest movie is just under forty minutes long, with the significant variation from the shortest movie to the longest in documentaries, about seventy-five minutes. Personally, just under forty minutes seems a bit short to play in theatres. Action has a variation of seventy-six minutes, Adventure seventy-eight minutes, and Drama eighty-three minutes. But at least these categories have at minimum an hour and twenty minutes length. These movies can vary based on story and the buildup, the importance is keeping the audience entertained along with being

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