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Fitting in. In other words “to fit in.” How can two simple words influence society and hold such weight over adolescents and even adults? Though my mind can’t understand the idea of what this phrase truly means, these words genuinely took a toll on me for a period of time during my semester here at Stony. If someone asked me what fitting in meant two years ago, I would have responded stating that “in order to “fit in,” you must have a lot of friends, do things you might not be comfortable with in order to please someone or a group, be skinny, wear make-up, wearing expensive clothing so that you won’t be considered a bump, etc. On the other hand, if someone asked me what fitting in means today, I would say there is no need to go through all of …show more content…

It seemed as though my life was being dictated by others, more than before. The phrase “beauty lies in perfection” was always stored in my head and in order to “fit in”, I must act in a certain manner. At the age of 14, I was now in middle school. I had always been a shy person, which this transition harder for me to adjust too. I didn't want to hold a full conversation with anyone in my class unless they were the one to approach me. From this day, I still remember how lonely I felt and how badly I wanted to be accepted. I dreaded to go to recess because I wasn't sure what type of crowd I would “ fit in” with. As I walked in class, I saw everyone divided into various cliques and eventually I found myself every week trying to fit in with a different one. I tried my best to act like those kids in order to fit in, I changed so many things such as my attitude, my clothing, my hairstyles and how I spoke in the span of one year. I was so desperate to feel like I was not alone and had real friends that I basically would’ve done anything for others to like me. This was a stage in which I desperately wished I could have weave in my hair and look like all the other

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