Examples Of Flappers In The Great Gatsby

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As Nancy sneaks toward an undercover bar, called a “speakeasy”, she furtively glances around. She is anxious: this is her first times going to a speakeasy. As she squeezes in, she murmurs the password to the doorman. She’s searching for her boyfriend, Joey, who said he’d meet her there. She’s hoping her short dress and stylish hat will impress. She finds him at the bar, his chin slightly up, waiting. Perching herself upon the stool, she thinks about how excited she is to get drunk with him. Nancy is a prime example of a “flapper”. Flappers were young women in the 1920’s aiming to break away from traditional women's roles and instead do what they wanted to do, whether that meant drinking, smoking, or being sexually loose. They desired to distance themselves from older generations, and they certainly were successful. (Flappers U.S. History) Two characters in the Great Gatsby that exemplify the nature of flappers are Daisy and Jordan. Through both lifestyle and through fashion, Daisy and Jordan emulate all the defining aspects of a 1920’s flapper.
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This high class clothing was displayed by all true flappers. This look consisted of many items. First off was the short dress, debatably the most important article of clothing. This controversial piece was proudly worn by all flappers to show off their sexually loose behavior. (U.S. History) Curly hair rested underneath an elaborate hat which showed wealth, status, and flair to all. Dark makeup concealed the face, adding mystery and bravery to those adorning it. Gabrielle Chanel, a French woman, championed this look, propelling it to the forefront of American fashion and culture. (Fashion Ency) Flappers craved this choice complexion, and therefore were willing to diet to look gorgeous in this style. (Rollyson 314) They even wore corsets with the pressure applied to the “women's bodies [averaging] twenty-one pounds.” (Joshua
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