Examples Of Foils In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Character Foils One instance of a foil from “To Kill A Mockingbird”, is of Bob Ewell and Walter Cunningham Both are poverty-stricken. Bob endeavor to do what is best with what they posses and the Ewell is cold-hearted and malign. Mr. Cunningham's are admired by the community while Mr.Ewell is loathed by members of Maycomb society. Mr. Cunningham's is noble and trustworthy, whereas Mr.Ewell's is a con artist. Author Harper Lee has selected these characters in her book to let people comprehend that, even during adverse times, there is there is still aspiration in the end of an black abyss. With almost directly opposite reactions to deficit from Ewell's and Cunningham's, Harper yearns readers to understand the mistakes of Ewell's and to chase
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