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This is Fung 's Noodle House! And the reason why i like this place is because it gave me my second ever, food flashback. What is a food flashback you ask? I do not know if you have ever had one, but i certainly hope you did, because it is magnificent how food can bring back a certain memory. For some reason, both my food flashbacks come from Chinese dishes. The first one, took a long time to come back to me, but i am very happy that it did. When i was just a boy, we were in Florida with the family and we were in a Chinese buffet restaurant, apparently we didn 't eat there and my parents just inquired. But me, little adventurer that i am, snuck out and looked at what they served and while i was standing on my toes trying to look at this particular meat that smelled so great, i reached over with my hand and grabbed a bite. I dont know my reaction at that time, all i remember is that that flavor stuck with me for so long and i have been searching it for a very long time. 20 years later, the dish came back to me, it wasn 't the best version but it was at the Radisson Hotel in Cebu where the Chinese section has BBQ Char Siu Pork. That was my food flashback, and one of my favorite foods ever.

The picture above which is Xiao Long Bao, is my second food flashback. I came to Fungs for the first time because my friends hyped up this dish because it tasted authentically just like the ones in Hong Kong. And boy, were they right. When i took the bite, in my mind i was instantly

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