Examples Of Football Hooliganism

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Working topic
(What is the focus of your interest?)
Football hooliganism in Turkey and Italy

Brief introduction
(Why do you want to do this research? Why does this topic matter to you? What do you already know about it?) Football hooliganism is a description of a football related violent behaviors and actions from aggressive and fanatic football supporters. Football hooliganism is a widely spread and transitional phenomena in many parts of Europe, latin America, and recently in north Africa. Hundreds of incidents have happened, thousands of people have died, thousands of fans have injured, many stadiums were ruined, and many squares were turned into battle fields just because of football hooligans and violent gangs who exploit the game of
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6. Media coverage and Hooliganism
7. Hooligans conflicts with police/ security
8. Football violence and alcohol
9. Are hooligans’ minority?
10. Opposing viewpoints who claim that there are other predominant concerns in modern football that should be stopped other than the hooliganism. (ex: corruption, match-fixing, money investments)
Starting thesis: With the rising violent incidents in the Turkish and Italian football and because football hooliganism leads to human losses and injuries as well as financial losses to the federations and clubs along with the image tarnishing and destruction of properties of the nation, football hooliganism constitutes the main problem in modern Turkish and Italian football.
Research Method
(What do you need to find out in order to answer those questions? How will you obtain this information?)
Need to find academic ebooks, reports, and journal articles discoursing football hooliganism in Turkey and Italy and the hooliganism trend in the world. Need studies and evidences, which prove that there are many horrible consequences of football hooliganism in these countries. Most importantly, I need evidences that support my viewpoint of hooliganism as the main problem in modern Turkish and Italian football and I need facts concerning the football related violence incidents in Turkey and Italy. Also, I need proofs that refute other opposing viewpoints which may claim that there are other things as “financial corruption, money investments, rules and
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This ebook talk about the transitional phenomena of football hooliganism in western Europe. The author asserts that football hooliganism constitute an extensive political and social concern in a variety of European and non-European countries. Moreover, he argues that hooliganism on the European continent is a very serious phenomena and less controlled. He also declares that football hooliganism is a main field of interest in the study of football. I will use this ebook in the introduction as a background info about the hooliganism trend in Europe, the interpretations of it, and its history. Also, I may use in the body paragraphs where I will provide some popular examples of violent behaviors and incident between fans at football
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