Inorganic Evidence In Criminal Investigation

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Evidence used in Karen Cranky Murder Case
Forensic Evidence is the analysis of chemical evidence, which can be used as vital evidence in a crime investigation. The principles of forensics involve the Locard’s Exchange Principle, which is that a criminal will bring something and take something from the crime scene which can be used as forensic evidence. Forensic evidence is usually examined by a forensic orthodontist There are two types of forensic evidence used in the Karen Cranky Murder Case which were organic and inorganic. Inorganic evidence, mainly consists of inorganic compounds such as metallic elements. Examples of inorganic evidence include glass, paint and ballistics. Organic evidence involves any type of compound containing carbon,
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Soil evidence can be used to convict a victim due to the many varieties of soil. Soil can vary by its colour, for example red to black soil. It can vary by its texture which is how much of certain substances does the soil have, for example of sand, clay and manure. It can also vary by density of materials which can be tested by applying water to the soil. Soil can also be varied by factoring its acidity or pH. These properties of soil are compared with soil at different locations to find the matching composition, which enables investigators to spot where the soil came from and therefore where the suspect came from. The soil at the crime scene contained 40% manure, which enabled investigators to determine that the suspect was a gardener since manure is used as fertilizer for…show more content…
It works in general by isolating DNA and cutting in the VTNR regions which are the repetitive lengths in the chromosome. The fragments are then sorted depending on their size and compared with the DNA specifications on board the database. Another method of DNA fingerprinting is accounting for short tandem repeats (STR) which works by counting the repetition of short fragments of DNA. One technique of analyzing DNA is methylation analysis, which involves finding variations in Methyl components of the DNA, which alters from person to person, sometimes creating deadly diseases such as cancer. The technology involved in the analysis of DNA includes a robot used by the FBI, which analyses, DNA by cutting it into fragments and placing it on a mass spectrometer which identifies different lengths of DNA by weighing the

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