Examples Of Foreshadowing In Moishe Wiesel's 'Night'

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Michael Lewis Pre-Ap English Mr. Freeman 8 May 2017 Foreshadowing: Be a warning or indication of (a future event). Example: I have a bad feeling...This afternoon I saw new faces in the ghetto. Two German officers, I believe they were Gestapo…(Wiesel 13) Function: Maybe the most obvious example of foreshadowing comes from a character named Moishe. Moishe is an old man who goes away from the main character and ultimately teaches him about Kabbalah, but he's removed from Sighet along with all the other foreign Jews and taken to Poland by the Germans. Moshie lucky is one who somehow manages to escape. Moishe warns everyone he can find about the Nazis and their plan. He tells the entire town to prepare, and leave while they can because he knows

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