Examples Of Foreshadowing In The Mosquito Coast

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This film names ‘The Mosquito Coast’. It was directed by Peter Weir. The story is explained by one of the protagonists, Charlie Fox. It’s about their happiness and frustrations with their stubborn and erratic father, a brilliant inventor. Every films use different ways to interpret the content of the film to audience. And this film, The Mosquito Coast, has some foreshadowing to give viewers idea. Foreshadowing is used to give the reader an idea of events to come. It indicates the situations that will happen in the films. Viewers can speculate what will happen through foreshadowing.

This film tells the story of a family leaves America, and tries to find a happy life in the jungles of America. The reason that they decide to start a new life is the father, a brilliant inventor, is stubborn and erratic. He has nine patents and six pending. The excerpt, “This place is a toilet.” (Mosquito Coast 3:10) and “Buy junk, sell junk, eat junk.” (Mosquito Coast 3:50) show that Allie has grown fed up with the American Dream, consumerism and American greed and crime. When others want to return to the United States, he even bends the truth, tells them that America has been destroyed in a nuclear war. And Allie refuses to back to America, announces that they have all they need on the beach.
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The quote, “‘I think something’s going to happen.’ ‘Like what?’ ‘Something terrible.’” (Mosquito Coast 13:15) illustrates the terrible things that happen in their happy and simple journey, in their new life. They change many places to live, but the fire, the chemical pollution, the tropical cyclone storm surge, destroy their homes time and time again. Finally, Allie even gets shoot, and don’t know whether he’s still
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