Examples Of Foreshadowing In The Pearl By John Steinbeck

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In John Steinbeck 's book “The Pearl” his use of foreshadowing describes the theme in the story and metaphor explains Kinos growing obsession with the pearl and his growing conflict with greed. Earth provides enough to satisfy every man 's need but not enough to satisfy every man 's greed, said Mahatma Gandhi. He was right and that is exactly the theme of this book. Power and want can corrupt even the purest of hearts and therefore people should appreciate what they have. Humans should be careful because if you reach for the stars you might get brund. This book is a realistic fiction story following the life of a poor pearl diver named Kino who lives with his family; a wife named Juana, a baby named Coyotito and his brother and wife who live next door.…show more content…
Kino goes pearl diving in hope to find enough to pay for treatment of his sons scorpion sting. When he opened the clam he saw a big and magnificent pearl. His whole town is amazed and now almost everyone important to the story wants his pearl. Things sadly don 't go as planned and we slowly realize it 's kinos corruption due to greed that leads to his tragic downfall. The phrase I believe is the most important is “ This pearl is a sin it will destroy us.”. Juana who is Kino 's wife told him that after she tried to dispose of the pearl. She is repeatedly reminding him of this thry the story and telling him that he is grown only more obsessed with the pearl. We slowly find out he should have listened to Juana. But by not doing so and succumbing to greed his whole family suffered tremendous loss not only of the wealth they acquired but of all that was precious to them in

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