Examples Of Friendship In Freak The Mighty

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Everyone has a problem in life. Either it being people judging you by your appearances or having no friends. Friends are people that support you and treat you like family. But if someone is judging you by what you look like, that is not a good friend. To begin, Freak the Mighty is a story about two boys that are completely different. Freak, a seventh grader that has Morquio syndrome, but he is very intelligent. Then there's Max another seventh grader who is big, and tall, and who has some family troubles in the past. But know matter what both boys are there for each other. In addition, it is horrible to go through life with no friends and by people judging you by your appearances. These things are showed in a realistic fiction novel, Freak the mighty, by Rodman Philbrick.

To start, friendship is one of the main keys in life. Therefore, friendship can overpower anything. This is showed in Freak the Mighty in chapter 6, page 15, when Freak is on Max’s shoulders and they are being chased by Blade and his gang, and they end up in the lake but there is so much mud on the bottom that Max’s feet get stuck and he can't move. Then the gang is throwing rocks at them. So freak starts whistling and the police come and start chasing Blade and his gang. Therefore, Max and Freak were being attacked by Blade and his gang. Without Freak, Max might of never gotten out
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The importance in Freak the Mighty is to teach the reader many things. One being friendship can overpower anything. Another being, is appearance doesn't change anything. Away I can relate to one of the themes in the book is when a couple years ago someone walked into a room and one of my friends just started to judge her. I didn’t think it was right. Therefore saying that the themes in Freak the Mighty can really contribute to your life. Meaning that it is important to have friends that have your back and not to judge
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