Examples Of Friendship In The Chrysalids

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Many people have distinctly different opinions on what it means to be human. In the novel “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham the definition of human is challenged and portrayed in many ways. Being human means having everlasting friendships. Friendships make you human because they include qualities that humanize people, such as acceptance, empathy, and trust. David and Sophie are the main characters in the novel, as friends they demonstrate these human traits. When David not only tolerates but embraces Sophie, when David understands her fears and stands up for her and when both David and Sophie share personal secrets; they display all the crucial points of friendship that make someone human.

Accepting and embracing someone is a pivotal attribute
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Empathy is a trait that allows someone to put themselves in the perspective of another person, a trait that allows being a good friend and a true human. Sophie’s secret is life-threatening if anyone is to find out. “I simply hit out and did my furious best. My intention was to gain a few minutes for Sophie” (Wyndham, 44) When another boy, Alan, almost finds out that Sophie has an abnormality, David physically attacks him because he understands how important it is to Sophie that nobody knows. Not only does he feel so much empathy that he attacked someone but is also there for her emotionally. The empathy he feels for her brings them closer together and strengthens their friendship. When Sophie is hurt David still helps her despite her toe, even though he has learned that abnormalities make someone a monster. “ ‘You’re a good boy, David. You were very kind to Sophie.’ ” (Wyndham, 12) This is what Sophie’s mother tells David after she learns he helps her daughter when she was injured. He is there for her, he empathizes with her, even though he does not need to. The empathy David shows makes their friendship strong and friendship is what makes a person
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