Examples Of Friendship In The Kite Runner

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Raaghav Thukral Thukral-1
Kanika Dang
English Thesis Paper
11th November, 2015

The Kite Runner: Friendship And Betrayal
“Friendship is not how you forget, but how you forgive.
Not how you listen, but how you understand.
Not how you see, but how you feel.
Not how you let go, but how you hold on.”
We do not make friends because they are useful but,because the bond of friendship, once it grows stronger,has numerous positive aspects. The key to opening up to the world of friendship is not just to focus on the similarities but to accept each other’s faults and differences.”For you a thousand times over.”Hassan’s most memorable dialogue in the entire book described the relationship between Amir and Hassan in the initial stages of the book. A loyal friend will never betray. But if one is betrayed, the friend was never a friend in the first place. Friendship that has lasted for at least seven years is supposed to last a lifetime, but was this true in this case?
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For surviving in this world they need consultation and advice. Only a friend can understand each and every thing that one wishes to share,furthermore,there is no matter which cannot be discussed with a friend. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two people. It is an asset in the life of the individual and it provides us with memories that are cherished in the future. Friendship
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