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Future Goals I have to set certain goals in my life before you can call me a successful. Success is To achieve goals, you have set or I have set. Some goals are personal while others are Professional. My professional goals in life are to get my dream job, good education, Support family, and friends. Mostly is to go to my dream college with a master degree. It is very important to me to receive good education. Most jobs require descent Education. If I don 't have that I wouldn 't be able to know what to do in my job. To maintain a job I have to be required to go through schooling or training. I have to remember education is first before everything else except family. My happiness in what I want to do is like a goal. There is no way I can be…show more content…
The job I want is interesting it will make me smile everytime I enter those doors. I will put 100% effort Another goal is making my family happy. If I receive the job I want then I 'll help my Family when they need money. I also want to help out friends. I want to be the one they can depend on as I can depend on them. I want to stop criminal and help the good people too. I have personal goals when I achieve my professional goals. By having a wonderful family, being a graduate student from Grand Canyon University. I want to make sure I 'm raising my good family. I don’t know much about having a wonderful well like I’m joining the FBI I don’t think I would have time to have a family if I do then I guess I will have to quit and get my second favorite job on being a doctor because they can look at their family every single day when they come home. Sometimes the FBI agent do to but not a lot. My job is main goal. I believe I 'm going to make a good FBI Agent. I have to think fast to catch a criminal. I have to know to read stuff quickly to solve a case. This is why my job is important I need to pay attention. This is my dream job. FBI agents

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