Examples Of Gender Discrimination In America Today

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Gender discrimination in America today Imagine a perfect world where no one has any issues on their mind. From everyday problems or even finding what to wear the next day. Unfortunately in today’s society, people are run to the ground with stress and fears of everything. Regarding this, one of the largest issues with today’s society is gender discrimination. Gender discrimination is everywhere, from middle schools to high paying STEM jobs. Typically, it’s portrayed with women and the stereotypical Barbie doll idea of perfect hair, face, clothes, etc. Gender discrimination does not only affect women, but everyone else too. Men worry about being too tall or too short, being overweight or too skinny. Most people characterize men to be flawless with perfect muscles and hair. Alas, this is a recurring problem in today 's society within professional work environments, outside of work, and even with schools. Also, the movie Remember The Titans does a great job at showing discrimination from past decades. Gender discrimination is everywhere today, but it happens the most within professional work environments. According to Pew Research Center “About four-in-ten working women (42%) in the United States say they have faced discrimination on the job because of their gender,” (Parker). Discrimination in the workplace comes from misconduct and eventually turns into harassment which affects tons of people. In fact, harassment is a part of discrimination and this is most common in the

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