Minorities Cluster Analysis

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1) Minorities Cluster: The presentation of minorities I can closely relate upon. People of the same background most likely isolate themselves as a group. In my previous job, job clustering accord and I found myself feeling uncomfortable. Just like the man in the video experienced, when different language was spoken, I automatically felt uncomfortable. I felt at times blurring out “ It’s America you need to speak english”. It is a very intolerable feeling for someone who doesn't speak the language. Someones first instinct when in this case English isn't being spoken, they feel as if they’re being talked/laughed about. Which were thoughts I would also feel when I didn't understand the language. Until, then after I myself started taking it…show more content…
When a organization or business lacks in communication skills it can create personal conflicts, missed deadlines, incorrect goal assumptions and contribute to employee turnover. Really effective communication will establishes trust, helps act on risks and opportunities, and promotes productivity. Language barriers are important to address because messages can easily be misconstrued. A worker may pretend to understand a directive when they really don’t if they are embarrassed or frustrated with the language problem. I can personally upon and as well as my co-workers. There were times we pretend we understood my boss, but in reality we didn't. A lot of times this has caused many errors in our workplace due to…show more content…
These videos from 20 years express sexism, still now 20 years later it’s still happening. There is no escape from sexism in the workplace even if sexism gets expressed and muted in ways without the knowledge of the perpetrators. Tons of research has proved gender in the workplace, women in positions of power are often interrupted, dismissed and ignored by males and even other women. Women are greatly punished for displaying behavior that is viewed as angry, aggressive or assertive while males get rewarded for the same behavior. There are endless studies to show the different types of sexism that occur. Other studies have shown similar results. For women in the workplace, there is no escape from sexism because “having a seat at the table is very different from having a voice”. While some think that workplace environments have been improving for women over time, that is not so. Women suffer from a great degree of gender inequalities in the workplace, and one of the primary causes is a lack of workplace visibility. Women’s opinions and voices are routinely oppressed, and this problem is increasing rather than

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