Examples Of Direct Discrimination Against Women

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Discrimination occurs when one person is treated less favourably than another person because of certain characteristics such as gender, age, race pregnancy etc.. There are two forms of discrimination; direct and indirect discrimination (BCT work booklet 2014).
Direct Discrimination is when a person treats or proposes to treat, someone unfavourably because of a personal characteristic. An example of direct discrimination is an employer doesn’t employ someone due to their age, gender, etc. Indirect discrimination is when a person imposes or proposes a requirement, condition or practice that has or is likely to disadvantage people like disabilities, family obligations, age etc. An example of indirect discrimination is
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Although pregnancy discrimination is separate to gender discrimination evidence suggest that women are discriminated against due to gender stereotypes. These stereotypes can enable females from further pursuing careers. It can also enable women from gaining equal pay.
Recent studies reveal that one in two Australian mothers have experience discrimination in the workplace at some point during pregnancy, parental leave or when returning to work (Human Rights Commission 2014). Furthermore one in five mothers that filed complaints said they were made redundant, their jobs were restructured, they were dismissed or their contract was not renewed (Broderick, 2014). There are many case where discrimination against women due to pregnancy.
An article written by the sex discrimination commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, States that a woman witness gender discrimination in her workplace while she attended a work meeting. The senior directed opened the meeting by suggesting to “get rid of all women on maternity leave”. This is gender discrimination as the direct is denies opportunities and privileges to women to continue their
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